Miss Ya Blue! unveils its primary logo

Visual tribute to Oilers composed by an artist from…BUFFALO?!?

Miss Ya Blue! is proud to unveil its primary logo, composed by noted sports artist Carl Cordes.

Cordes, 33, is a graphic designer specializing in sports logo design, pop art, and digital illustration.

Although he hails from and still lives in Buffalo and is an illustrator of many Bills-related art pieces, Cordes assured the MYB! staff that he is “actually a pretty big Oilers/Titans fan myself.”

Carl Cordes’ digital self-portrait

In fact, Cordes told us he once got into a fight for wearing his Eddie George jersey to school a week prior to the Music City Miracle, which probably represents the strongest overt commitment to our beloved franchise a Buffalonian could ever make.

When asked about working on the MYB! project, Cordes said, “I think the Oilers had the best aesthetic in all of sports, so it was fun working with their colors.”

John Brown, by Carl Cordes

MYB! Publisher Ben Goss praised Cordes’ skills and the results he produced.

“Carl’s work on our design was simply outstanding,” Goss said.

“When I discovered the prototype upon which the MYB! design was based, I knew it contained the perfect combination of elements to capture the spirit of our publication in a unique way.”

Theo Fleury, by Carl Cordes

Goss added that Cordes was a true professional in every aspect of the design process.

“As an amateur artist, a perfectionist, and a natural-born critic, I’ve found that working with creative talent can often be frustrating at best,” Goss said, “but Carl was every bit the exception to that rule.”

Curtis Brown, by Carl Cordes

“His attention to detail and quick responses truly made the process a pleasure, not to mention the impressive quality of his finished work, and I’m grateful that he worked with us to make this logo happen.”

Goss also added that he hoped to offer merchandise featuring the MYB! logo in the very near future.

“As someone who considers himself to be a sports design and merchandise aficionado, this is a logo I’d gladly pay to wear, and I think others will, too,” Goss said.

Jim Kelly as a Baltimore Raven,
by Carl Cordes

“I’d love to hear from fans about the kinds of merchandise they’d like to buy, and I encourage them to comment on this article, or reach out to us on our social media to let us know.”

Although we’ve included a few screen shots of some of our favorites here, much of Cordes’ work can be seen on his Instagram page, @carlcordesco.

He is also available for hire and can be contacted about work opportunities through his Instagram page.

One of Cordes’ hobbies is collecting vintage sports jerseys, primarily from football and hockey. His collection can be seen on Instagram at @carlslocker.

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