The problem, of course, is a compound one.

The Astrodome sits empty, the modern NFL is an over-hyped media production, and we don’t have our Oilers in Houston anymore.

And that’s why we’ve launched Miss Ya Blue!, a site where we can reminisce together about the days when Earl Campbell paved the Astroturf with flattened defenders, Warren Moon would light up defensive backs, and opponents would limp from the House of Pain with Texas-sized bruises on their backsides and egos!

Although those days have faded away like the paint on the shell of the Astrodome, technology has given us many incredible tools to share the memories.

That’s the purpose of this site, and we need your help to fulfill it!

In the days ahead, we will share more about how you can help us add Oilers-related content to our site.

We don’t have too much of a structured plan for it yet, and even when we start to develop one, it’s likely to evolve over time.

That’s where you come in!

Drop a comment below, and let us know what you’d like to see on the site. If you’d like to contribute in some way, we can discuss that, too.

Also, while you’re here, please give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We look forward to the journey!

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